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Cascade Part 2
Chi Blockers ran all around the underground base. It seemed like it would be utter chaos, but every squadron had its plan was going to their objective. This was going to be Amon's biggest triumph and all of his plans had been leading up to tonight. Everything that they worked so hard for will be paid off tonight. He even had a contingency plan if it came down to it. But it wouldn't matter; he thought to himself, tonight would go down without a hitch. He looked down and saw his followers all prepare for their wave to capture the civilians and get them into position. Everything was running like a well-oiled machine.
"Sir!" one of Amon's Commanders ran up to him, panting.
"What is it?" Amon turned to him, slowly, his head not altering a bit. The commander cleared his throat before continuing.
"So far, Bravo Team is in position without any difficulties. We're now waiting for teams Theta and Kappa. And Bravo Team is awaiting the expected a
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Cascade Part 1
Part 1/5
Cascade Part 1: [Music:  (it's where i got most of the inspiration from. Music is to help with pacing and mood.) ]
"It's a decent evening, you boys should go out!" Tenzin came into the room where the brothers were staying. "Korra is experiencing the town and for once not getting into trouble. You both should be out with her."
"As much as we would love to, Tenzin, sir, we're all bushed. What with being attacked by Equalists and all," Bolin exhaustedly let out. With that his head crashed down over the arm of the couch he was laying on, letting gravity take full effect.
Tezin sighed "They're getting more and more reckless every day…I think it's –"
"They need to be stopped!"  Mako abruptly exclaimed. He was standing at the adjacent wall, staring out the window.
"That's extremely rash thinking. If you all go off now you will most likely be captured. We have to plan strategically and be calm about
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Part 4

"What's taking her so long?! I don't want her to turn into one of those White slime!"
"We're confident enough that she'll return as the way you intended. She spoke in the language. It must be a sign!"
"You better be right about that. She has been drifting closer to their Land instead of staying loyal to ours! We need her to be on our side, not theirs! I'm glad she picked Rion Kaj. The deadliest of them all, so powerful that others never completed their session and forced to abandon it."
"The weapon will also consume her, like it did with most of our warriors."
"Wonderful. With her pick she will become the greatest Warrior of the Void! And then she'll be on the same level as one of the Elite Guardian Protectors, but she'll be fighting for you! She must do this, or else we will lose this war!"
"I assure you, with the course she picked; there is nothing to worry about."

The water feels warm but yet very cold at the same time. It's a little deeper than how tall I am, so it lo
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Part 3
"Hold still!" I commanded. "Look, I have the ability to heal, it's not really refined so it won't be a full recovery, so you HAVE to hold still so you can at least recover enough to survive."
"Why would you have healing powers?"
"Just because I'm a Dark Minion doesn't mean I don't know anything but fighting!" I hissed at him. "If you don't want my help, then you can die here! In fact you'll be great target practice with my new weapon!" I got up quickly to go get my sword. How dare he insult me like that! I willingly tried to help him!
"Wait!" I hear him trying to gather the strength to be loud. "I know how to get out of here!...This isn't a dream!"
I stopped. I turn to look at him. He looks serious. No, he's a White, I can't trust him. "Why should I believe you? Your way out is probably some trap so you can capture me. I may be young but I'm not naïve! I've read what you Whites do to us! You'll kill me as soon as we escape!"
"I'll lead you to your proper exit! I promise. I swear u
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Part 2
Green sun. Purple eyes. White skull. Unspeakable monsters. Blood. Tentacles wrapping around a planet. A white haired child. Purple sun.
What did I just see? All of that within less of a second. There was more though. I know there were things that I missed. So many things shown to me.
I'm back in the temple. I didn't even see the priest unsheathed the sword. All I know it was sheathed and now it's going through my chest. "Nyurb gu'ilg." No. That wasn't what meant to say! "NYURB GU'ILG!" What's going on? The priest is walking away. "Haghauuthr'l?" Why can't I speak correctly? This isn't right! I don't feel funny. It's funny though, I don't feel much pai─
I've awoken. I'm not in the temple….I'm in some black void. Space? No it couldn't be I'm able to breathe perfectly. I'm on a tiny area of floating land. I see more. It's leading to a very large gravel platform. Hmm. I wonder how the gravity is here. I jumped high and quickly being forced down. This isn't like home, but at leas
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Green Rose Part 1
Thunder. Without warning it rumbles softly across the twilight sky, rain immediately follows. I wasn't expecting that today; might as well, since today is my "Awakening" day. My parents, the Dark King and Queen, have been waiting very impatiently for this day. They always said how proud they will be of me when I finally turn of age and pass the ritual. I must become what we call, GrimDark, to fully utilize my hidden strength. While I have just become of age, I still have to go through rigorous tests to even do the ritual, but of course since my parents are the rulers of our world, I have given special privilege.
A flash of purple lightning. I walk down the street, in my wretched GrimDark outfit, towards the temple where the ritual takes place. No one is with me; I must walk alone there, and make sure I arrive alive. There are Warriors of the Void that tries to kill anyone who does the ritual, it's a test. The second to last test, which even my parents couldn't get me out
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I gave my speech today about violence in video games and how the media portrays it. I'm really proud of it and i hope you all enjoy.

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